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Hunter Salami

Hunter Salami

Cannabis Infused Hunter Salami

Things you will need to make cannabis hunter salami:

  • ground pork and pork fat
  • kosher salt
  • curing salt (salt, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate)
  • hog casings
  • sugar or dextrose
  • garlic powder
  • caraway seed
  • ground coriander seed
  • ground black pepper
  • cayenne
  • sweet paprika
  • starter culture
  • distilled water
  • red wine
  • kief
  • kitchen twine
  • meat grinder with coarse, medium and fine dies

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Hunter Salami – The Infusion

Making cannabis infused hunter salami requires kief. You can use as much as you like, keeping in mind that this recipe will yield approximately 1.8 kg (4 pounds) of finished sausage. At 100 grams per serving, that means you would yield about 18 servings. If your kief is not decarbed, put it in the oven at 110°C (225° F) for 35 minutes. Now you are ready for making salami.

Preparing The Meat

Cut pork and fat into one inch chunks. Mix with salt and curing salt and grind through a coarse die. Put in covered container in fridge and chill overnight. It is very important to maintain cold meat temperatures when making hunter salami to prevent the growth of bacteria. Always make sure your equipment is sterile.

Prepare The Casings

The next day, prepare about 10 feet of hog casings by placing in warm water. Set aside.

Mix In The Good Stuff

The next step in making hunter salami is to mix all spices, sugar and kief with the meat and fat from the fridge. Chill for one hour in freezer. Grind through a medium die. Make sure meat is 2°C (35° F) or colder. If it is not that cold, put meat back in the freezer until it is 2°C (35° F), then grind through a fine die. Put meat in the freezer until you are ready to stuff the links.

Flush The Casings

Run warm water through hog casings. This flushes and shows you any leaks in the casing. Put back in warm water.

Starter Culture

While hunter salami meat is chilling, get starter culture ready. Mix distilled water and starter culture and let sit for at least 15 minutes.

Mix Until Your Hands Go Stiff

When meat is 0°C (32° F) or colder, put into a large container. Add starter culture and wine. Mix well for 2 to 3 minutes. You can mix by hand or you can use a large stand mixer. What you are looking for is a change in texture where the meat will bind together and stick to itself.

Stuff It

Put meat into sausage stuffer and stuff hog casings, twisting off about every 8 inches. With kitchen twine, tie off each link. Prick any air pockets with a sterilized needle. Sausage stuffing takes a lot of practice and you must work delicately so you don’t rupture the casing.

Hang and Ferment

Hang links on drying rack. The salami needs to ferment and the starter culture will destroy bad bacteria in this fermentation stage. Cover hunter salami links with a plastic tent and provide them with plenty of humidity- they need to stay moist. In fact, you want to have the humidity 92 to 95% for fermentation. Maintain a temperature of 18° to 24° C (66° to 76° F). Hang links for 36 to 48 hours, misting with water every 6 to 8 hours. Lower heat to 12°C (54° F) to stop fermentation.

Drying Sausages

After fermentation, dry sausages by hanging them in a drying chamber. Maintain a temperature between 6° and 16° C (45° to 60° F) with 70 to 85 % humidity. Try reducing humidity gradually to 75% to prevent the growth of mold. Hunter salami will lose 40% of its mass in the drying process. Therefore, you should weigh the salami before hanging it. This way, you can monitor the weight and know when it is done. Hunter salami may be done in 2 weeks but they can hang for as long as 6 weeks.

Storing Cannabis Hunter Salami

Vacuum seal and store in fridge or freezer. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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Hunter Salami
Hunter Salami
Prep Time
4 hrs
Curing Time
14 d
Total Time
14 d 4 hrs

If you've never made your own salami before, try this easy recipe for cannabis infused hunter salami. Using hog casings instead of the larger beef casings results in faster curing, possibly as little as 2 weeks. It is mildly spiced with a touch of cayenne.

Course: Cured Meat
Cuisine: Canadian
Keyword: hunter salami, infused hunter salami
Servings: 18 100 g servings
Calories: 302 kcal
Author: Joe Balazs
  • 1.814 kg pork 4 lbs
  • 0.454 kg pork or game fat 1 lb
  • 3 Tbsp kosher salt
  • 1 tsp curing salt salt, sodium nitrite
  • 10 feet hog casings
  • kief
  • 2 Tbsp granulated sugar or dextrose
  • 3 Tbsp paprika sweet
  • 2 Tbsp black pepper
  • 1 Tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 Tbsp ground coriander seed
  • 2 tsp ground cayenne pepper
  • 2 tsp caraway seeds
  • 1 Tbsp starter culture
  • 1/4 cup distilled water
  • 1/3 cup pink or red wine
  1. Cut pork fat and pork meat into 1 inch cubes. Mix with salt and curing salt. Grind through a coarse die. Place in fridge to chill overnight.

  2. Prepare approximately 10 feet of hog casings by soaking in warm water. Set aside.

  3. Mix kief, sugar and spices with the meat and fat from the fridge. Put in freezer and chill for one hour. Grind through medium die.

  4. Check meat temperature. If the temperature of the meat is 2°C (35° F), then grind through a fine die. Otherwise, chill to 2°C (35° F) and then grind through fine die.

  5. Put meat in the freezer until you are ready to stuff the casings.

  6. Run warm water through hog casings to flush out and check for leaks. Put into warm water again.

  7. While the meat is chilling, get starter culture ready by mixing with distilled water. Let this sit for at least 15 minutes.

  8. Check to make sure your meat is 0°C (32° F) or colder. Place into a large container. Add starter culture and wine. Mix well for 2 to 3 minutes. You can use your hands or a large stand mixer. The meat texture changes so that it binds and sticks to itself.

  9. Place the meat in a stuffer and start stuffing the casings. Pinch and twist desired lengths of salami links. Using kitchen twine, tie off each link.

  10. Using a needle, carefully poke any air pockets without rupturing the casing. Use a lighter to sterilize the needle before poking.

  11. Hang the salami links on a drying rack and use plastic to make a tent over the hanging salami. Hang for 36 to 48 hours at 18° to 24°C (66° to 76° F) and mist salami with water every 6 to 8 hours to keep them moist. You want to maintain 92 to 95% humidity. This fermentation step is important because the starter culture overtakes any bad bacteria in the sausage. Lower temperature to 12°C (54°F) to stop the fermentation process.

  12. Place salami into a drying box with humidifier for 2 weeks or up to 6 weeks before eating. Maintain 70% to 85% humidity with a temperature of 6°C (45°F) to 16°C (60°F). Your salami is done when it loses 40% of its total mass. Therefore, it is a good idea to weigh your salami before you hang it. You can leave it longer if you want it firmer.

  13. When it is done curing, vacuum seal and store in fridge or freezer. Alternatively, you could throw a party and eat all the salami, eliminating the need for storage.

Recipe Notes

More Flavours

You can try different spices in your salami including:

  • nutmeg
  • cloves
  • fennel seeds

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3 thoughts on “Hunter Salami”

    • Is there an alternative form of cannabis that can be used in this recipe? I grow my own but dont have an easy way to acquire the amount of kief needed for this recipe.

      • Instead of using kief, you could use decarboxylated flower. Just grind up the flower with a coffee grinder (to a fine powder) after it comes out of the oven. Make sure that you evenly distribute and work in thoroughly so that there are no lumps of powder. This is an excellent and easy way to infuse sausage and ground meat dishes.

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