Ultimate Guide to Making Edibles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions about edibles, please read this page. It has very useful information about dosing, effects, legality and more.



Is It Legal To Make My Own Edibles?

Yes. Making your own edibles is legal if you use legal cannabis. This includes cannabis that you grow legally and cannabis purchased at a licenced cannabis retail store.



Can I get help dosing edibles?

Use the Edibles Dosing Calculator on the Edibles Tools page. It can help you  dose your edibles. Beginners should always start with a small dose of cannabis (10 mg THC per serving or less).



What is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the process of heating cannabis to convert THCA to THC. You won't feel the effects of THC without decarboxylation.


Do edibles expire?

It all depends on the shelf life of the foods you add cannabis to. Cannabis infused cookies last as long as regular cookies, for example.


Does It Matter What Strain of Cannabis I Use In a Recipe?

No. There are no particular cannabis strains used in any of the recipes.


Do Edibles Lose Potency?

No. Edibles do not lose potency over time.


Can I Mix Cannabis and Alcohol?

You should NEVER mix alcohol and cannabis. Since cannabis and alcohol each intensify the effects of the other, you could get very sick.



How long does it take for edibles to work?

On an empty stomach, it can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour for edibles to take effect. On a full stomach, it can take from 1 to 2 hours for edibles to take effect.


How long does the high last?

The high can last anywhere from 1.5 hours to several hours. In some cases (which isn't uncommon) it can last up to 4 or 6 hours. However, edibles have effects that are unique to individuals. Thus, it depends on the person and how much THC one consumes.


What happens if I eat too many edibles and get too high?

You need to be calm first. There are no documented cases of fatal cannabis overdoses in healthy adults. You might feel sick to your stomach, disoriented and uncomfortable.

In Case You Get Too High From Edibles:

1. Stay calm.

2. Have something to eat.

3. Have something to drink (non alcoholic drink). Citrus drinks are recommended.

4. Take some CBD if you have any. It can counter the effects of the THC high.

5. Try to sleep it off. (Sometimes it is hard to sleep when you are too high.)

6. Chewing peppercorns may counteract the effects of THC.


Is it cheaper to make my own edibles or buy them?

It is much cheaper to make your own edibles and you have more control over the dosing.


What can I do if I don't like the taste of cannabis in my edibles?

You might want to try taking capsules. You can also use extracts like Hash Oil or CO2 extracted oil which carry less cannabis flavor in your edibles.



Can I buy any cannabis, extracts or edibles  from Stoners Cookbook website?



Are there any gluten free recipes?

Yes, there are gluten free recipes .


Can I print any of the recipes on Stoners Cookbook?

Of course! All recipes in Stoners Cookbook are printable.

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