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About Us

About Us

Stoners Cookbook: Our Mission

Our goal is to provide information and resources to people that want to consume cannabis edibles. Cannabis infused recipes should be easy to make for the average person.

We have compiled an extensive list of external links while keeping all areas of Canada in mind. It is important to have access to laws that affect Canadian cannabis consumers. Also, it is important to find availability of product across the country.

Information in plain English about dosing, decarbing, infusing, responsible use and safe storage are included in all corners of our site.

Our Story

We have come a long way since hand writing recipes and quietly discussing edibles in private. Since the cannabis conversation is now an ongoing dialogue in the mainstream, we want to contribute by sharing our knowledge.

Stoners Cookbook About Us

Our Team

We are a dedicated team with many years of combined knowledge in cannabis edibles. Our recipes are easy to make and taste incredible.


Cannabis Infused Recipes

All recipes include helpful information and cooking techniques. From cookies to home made fermented sausage from scratch, we are here to provide you with the top edibles recipes.

Learn how to properly decarboxylate cannabis for making edibles. Also, use our Dosing Edibles Calculator for dosing your edibles.

If you need more information about edibles, please visit our contact page and fill out the contact form.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Please try and rate Stoners Cookbook's  recipes. We welcome all helpful comments and questions about edibles recipes.

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