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The Truth About Common CBD Myths

The Truth About Common CBD Myths

There are many CBD myths. This includes myths about dosing, safety, laws, effects and more.

Find out the facts.

CBD Myth #1

Fact:  CBD is a cannabis product that is strictly regulated in Canada. The only way to obtain CBD legally in Canada is to purchase it from a legal cannabis retailer or to order from a licensed producer as a medical cannabis patient. Unfortunately, many false and illegal CBD products are being marketed across Canada and the world.

Find out where to purchase legal cannabis products in your province. Visit our Resource page.

CBD Myths

CBD Myth #2

Higher Doses of CBD Are More Beneficial

Fact:  What is a high dose of CBD? No one really knows yet. Clinical studies of treatment-resistant epilepsy started the dosage at 5 mg/kg/day and completed the trial at 25 mg/kg/day. For example, a 50 kg test subject would have received 250 mg/day at the start of the trial. End of trial dosage would have been 1250 mg/day. These numbers are not guidelines for taking CBD. In fact, there is currently no standard of dosing for consumers.

CBD Myth #3

CBD Works the Same in Any Form

Fact:  CBD comes in many forms including capsules, creams, tinctures, drinks, and vaporizer cartridges. Taking CBD in the form of edibles, drinks or capsules provides the longest lasting effects. However, effects are delayed, sometimes up to 2 hours. Smoking and vaping are the fastest way to deliver CBD to the brain. The next quickest method is oral tincture. Lastly, topical solutions absorb slowly into the body. Creams, gels, and topical oils work best for local conditions such as inflammation caused by arthritis.

Use CBD in any cannabis recipes including:

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Plus, learn How To Make Cannabis Capsules and more.

CBD Myth #4

CBD Is Only For Adults

Fact:  According to the Epilepsy Foundation (America):

“The FDA recently approved the use of Epidiolex (a plant-based formulation of CBD) to treat seizures for people 2 years of age and older with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS).”


Learn more by visiting Epilepsy Canada.


CBD Myth #5

CBD Is Safe For Everyone

Fact:  Although CBD itself is not known to harm people, contaminants in CBD products are another story. For example, China uses hemp to reclaim soil containing dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. The plant absorbs these substances, making it unsafe for consumption. Do not consume CBD products unless you know they come from a reputable source.

CBD Myth #6

CBD is a Sedative

Fact:  A sedative is a drug that has a calming or sleep-inducing effect. Although CBD regulates stress and alleviates anxiety, it is not sleep-inducing in the same way as tranquilizers or sleeping pills. Important to note, CBD is also not highly addictive


CBD Myth #7

There Are No Psychoactive Properties in CBD

Fact:  CBD is psychoactive because it can cause temporary changes in perception, mood, consciousness, and behavior. Many people don’t realize how many psychoactive substances they already consume. For example, caffeine is the most widely used, unregulated psychoactive substance consumed in the world.

CBD Myth #8

CBD Has Therapeutic Benefits and THC Just Gets You High

Fact:  Contrary to what many people assume, THC has many medicinal benefits. In fact, THC has as many therapeutic benefits as CBD, if not more. Therefore, THC does a lot more than just get you high. Both CBD and THC help relieve chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia.


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